Tactical Warning

When sunlight and I get together
Who wants to sleep?
It is a common problem shared by
We, of the midnight creep.

Try to incorporate that into a relationship
A habit that just can’t be broken,
One has to find a common ground
For that give and take loving token,
You gotta treat her like a queen
Flowers and lovey-dovey stuff,
For guys who stay awake at night
You always wonder, did I do enough?
To keep my little lady interested
And knowing that she’s the best one,
Something about being awake in the midnight hour
Those few of us know…………there’s all the fun.

After a night awake, here comes the sun
It yells at me, “Dude! now, it’s time for fun”,
Assuming I never have to sleep, and that may be
42 hours my record, and it was no twiddledy-dee,
But I just can’t help it, I revert to the night time action
Read a book, play some music, now that’s satisfaction,
And any good spouse, just has to understand
This is a marriage, they never could have planned.

We look at each other, weighing the pro’s and con’s
How much is this one worth, how many coupons,
Could I get, down at the local mini-mart
They have no idea, and not enough in their cart,
No, I know beyond a doubt, any woman willing
To put up with my midnight rambles, has her own way of chilling,
And this is a fact, I know her routine at 6 in the morning
She leaps out of bed, announcing a tactical warning,
Don’t interfere with my prayers, they rule our life
And I don’t care if you haven’t slept; I Am Your Wife!


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