Should be taken into consideration
At the grade school level,
Anything after that
Is free-will, that’s the bevel,
So, please stop all this nonsense
When you are brought before the court,
Where your Defense
Pleads that you were abused for being short,
And your Momma-Daddy beat you
Such that you killed a dog, cat and bird,
And thus you are justified
To behave like society’s turd.

What a sorry-assed story
Not one of anyone believes it,
But every time you are in front of an audience
You regurgitate and retrieve it,
Frankly, I am just hoping
You don’t survive more than 5 years,
I guess I’m willing to pay for that
Although it brings me to tears.

The criminal justice system
Lost their focus after the land down under,
Just give prisoners their own island
And let them make some thunder,
Which kind of reminds me of the original Mad Max
Now that was one hell of a movie,
I watched it in the Encinitas Theater
Which was totally groovy.


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