Did anyone do the anagram
For the UCLA shooter?
His name is Mainak
That’s maniak, (his own recruiter),
And sure enough
That was his life, as a whackjob,
A PhD scholar
Another gunny-gun Billy-Bob.

Righting the wrong
Of his character embarrassment,
“I’ll kill my instructor”
He decided, after harassment,
Facebook posts
And other social media,
A throwback terrorist
From the old encyclopedia.

How stupid?
Well, he showed us, that’s a fact,
But good people died
There can be no redact,
And frankly, I’m hoping
No law shall arise,
That will harness the rest of us
From psychotic surprise.

He was mentally ill?
We can say in retrospect,
But there is no way of telling
Whom we need to protect,
From the violent meanderings
Of one singular mind,
This PhD scholar
Had an agenda assigned.


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