Lucky Choice

Why write and blog?
It allows me to chatter,
Regarding those things
I think that matter,
Another way to say it
Unload and unwind,
Inside looking out
Observations refined.

Dealing with life and death
Suffering and all,
“Why did you do it?
Oh, I answered a call”,
To administer compassion
And alleviate pain,
A fairly common admission
Or at least, the refrain.

What about me?
Oh, I am honest to the fact,
A good paying job
With benefits intact,
To provide for a family
One needs good employment,
Where scientific discovery
Became my enjoyment.

Most careers are unchosen
Until you find you are in it,
When asked why you did it
Say, “wait just a minute”,
While you gather your thoughts
To come up with a tale,
Please make it sound good
To impress and regale.

All in all, most of us
Live the life that we chose,
Not everyone is so lucky
I’m glad I’m not those.


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