Little Freddy 2 & 3

Back on Sept 12, I initiated the saga of Little Freddy and Mrs. Flapper, she is the owner, and he’s the crapper. Here are the updates:

Little Freddy 2

Little Freddy and Mrs. Flapper
Are out for their usual morning crapper,
On a beeline
For my front lawn,
Every day
At the crack of dawn.

I posted a sign depicting a scene
How a crapping dog, isn’t being clean,
It makes my lawn messy
Where the baby crawls,
So I had to get him
A pair of overalls.

Even when they use a poop-scoop bag
They never use an antibacterial rag,
To clean the lawn, after Freddie takes a dump
If I had a shotgun, I’d shoot him in the rump,
Now that doodoo sticky
From little Freddy’s ass,
Is a nasty residue
On my beautiful grass.

Little Freddy 3

When grandbaby Buster
Came over yesterday,
All he wanted to do
Was gurgle and play,
He loves our lawn
And the grassy smell,
When he picked up something brown
I said, “What the hell?”

It sent me over the edge
Because Mrs. Flapper,
Allowed little Freddy
To take a crapper,
On my front lawn
But now this will end,
I’ve got some money
That I will spend,
To disappear
That furry beast,
Yep, it’s almost time
For a Thanksgiving feast.





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