Trust to Dust


What do you do
When you are co-opted
By a co-cultural, coworker,
False sincerity, fake friendship
A real tear-jerker.

Phony considerations
Sham well meaning,
To be taken advantage of
Is so demeaning.

In the midst of our
Uber cultural club,
We have to work together
That’s the rub;
With, strange fearsome creatures
In sheep’s clothing,
Emotional suffering
Causing fear and loathing,
Being made the fool,
Used and abused
As somebody’s tool.

Who can you turn to
When you have lost all trust?
When your faith in humanity
Is nothing but dust.

You must run forward
Leap off the bench,
Bury the dead
Deep in a trench……..;
Don’t look back
It’s a waste of good time,
That’s the best I can offer
In this philosophy rhyme.


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