Armageddon Fling

Plane crashes in the mountains
Tornadoes in the valleys,
The world abounds with omens
Like muggings in the alley,
666, the cross shall bear
The weight of human suffering,
Oh misery, of society
It’s the Armageddon Fling.

Each century the harbingers
Of God’s almighty wrath,
Are harping on the street-corners
About their blessed path,
They own the one salvation
And with one great voice they sing,
The parable of darkness
It’s the Armageddon Fling.

The day the world will end
Is a popular discussion,
Should we blame it on the Asians
Or the Nazis or the Russians,
Who are the perpetrators
Of all sorts of nasty things,
Oh, we’re doing what comes naturally
It’s the Armageddon Fling.

Raise your voices now in unison
And shout for all it’s worth,
The day of your salvation
Is the day of your rebirth,
Behold the Prince of Darkness
Genuflect and kiss his ring,
Then dance around the bonfire
It’s the Armageddon Fling.



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