Rest in Peace: Geese

Animal ownership in this country
Is completely out of hand,
Folks treat them like people
Something I can’t understand,
We are not the same species
Regardless of who is smarter,
Maybe we should cull the humans
Just as a starter.

No one seems to get excited
When we cull a half a million birds
for the Avian Flu,
But if we kill a half a million people
We genocide you,
And if these were cute little puppies
Surely PETA would go bonkers,
But there is little complaint
With birds that are honkers.

Aside from messy bird poop
Birds are very little trouble,
Compared to bad humans
That trouble is doubled,
If we kill a half a million geese
No one gets excited,
Yet when, we genocide you
We will surely get indicted.

Christians and Muslims
Catholics and more,
They love to share their message
With weapons and gore,
Accept my God as your God
Or suffer very painful death,
Heck, we’ll genocide you
Until your very last breath.

So, do human lives matter?
No more than Wilbur the rat,
Life has very little value
On this planet where we’re at,
Until Billy-Bob and Eve
Created Abel and Cain,
That’s when all the killing started
And we continue that refrain.

I say cull the humans first
And please save the birds,
Go ahead and tweet that
And don’t exceed your words.


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