Cat ‘s

Did you know that Buckwheat
Totally grooves on the Rolling Stones,
Had I known, we could have avoided
All of those crappy cell-phones,
With their ringtones and such,
And Buckwheat remained
So completely out of touch.

And here I am, at 3 a.m.
On Jan 6th, seventeen,
With Buckwheat telling me
“No, that one is kind of mean”,
And I guess he was referring to
Paint It Black,
Which to him was
Some kind of attack.

I tried a lot of music
During the duration of this cat,
He me-owed a lot
Trying to tell me where he was at,
But tonight, here I am playing
“Miss You” by the Rolling Stones,
And he’s totally grooving
To Mick and his mates,
And the blues and bones.

He jumped off my lap
And laid down some moves,
Thereby proving,
That this “Buckwheat” has
Some kitty-cat grooves,
And then, I sent him out
To look for some kind of neighborhood scoop,
But if it’s not there
By golly, go ahead and poop!



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