Dark Unstormy

Dark Unstormy

It was a dark
Unstormy night,
When I approached your home,
December 20th
During a customary infrequent roam,
Of one of my favorite neighborhoods
Mt. Washington, proper,
Frontenac specific
A dead-end stopper.

Once I was a neighbor
Just 50 feet away,
Thirty years have passed
But it’s just like yesterday,
Every time that I visit;
The memories are exquisite.

It was just a little too dark,
After stopping at Paul and Shelly’s house
That’s where I did park,
Because, as you know
There is hardly any room on the street,
Got out of my silly Honda
And followed my feet.

Walked I did
Until I met your mailbox,
We had a short conversation
Because a mail receptacle rarely talks,
I had no pen to write with
And no phone number to call,
Hence, old neighbor
Sorry I missed you, that’s all.

And certainly, my visits
Are not very often,
But don’t even be thinking
I’m anywhere near a coffin,
I’m one of those guys
Living to ninety or eighty,
Listening to good rockin’ blues
With old friends, what I’m sayin’, Matey.

And for the retrospective
Blues loving muse,
I’ve been listening to this one lately
And it lit a fuse,
After all, how could the Stones
Blow away, their own music catalog,
Heck, I don’t know……
But this is surely, a howlin’ dog.


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