Money Saving Advice

There is something special
About my pig,
He looks small
But his thoughts are big,
Regarding savings
Every day, every week,
You can’t be counting
Or take a peek.

Once a month
You empty his belly,
But you don’t take it
Down to the Deli,
For your favorite
Ham on Rye,
No, that would make
Your Piggy die.

Once again
At the beginning of the week,
Feed your pig
And kiss him on the cheek,
A nickel or a dollar
Doesn’t matter, drop it in,
A month goes by
Make him fat, not thin.

Starting over
Monday next,
You might say to yourself
I feel vexed,
I want to blow some
Forget about it cash,
Don’t even propose
You can take Piggy’s stash;
Because you will be guilty
Taking food from a Pig,
Don’t be the kind of guy
Who talks so big,
Telling tall stories
When asked where you got it,
How you sold your Pig
After you shot it.

When it’s rolling along
You’ll experience cravings,
To acquire more pigs
And accumulate more savings,
Buddy, that’s the plan
Keep it simple, make it big,
Because later, down the road
You can brag about your pig.


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