via Daily Prompt: Shine

I never did that enough
Despite watching my Father performing,
Auto detailing, all seasons of the year
Even in the winter without much warming.

What I remember (vaguely)
Was a 1951 Buick, black,
The 1957 Ford Fairlane
Faster than a heart attack,
Then there was the ‘63 Plymouth Fury
A Chick magnet, what I’m thinking;
Dad commuted a long distance
Ended his nights with a little drinking.

Along came the ‘68 Barracuda
The convertible, not the fastback,
It had some sloppy gear linkage
Getting stuck in 2nd, if that isn’t Daddywack!
After that he calmed down
With some lame old Company car,
I don’t suppose he ever detailed that thing
It was like driving a scar.

But everything else in his life
He shined, like a good Silver dollar,
And at the end of his days
He still wore the jacket, with a tie on his collar.

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