Little Freddie 4

Oh dear, I wish
I had a skewer,
I’d capture me
That doggy doo-er,
I would lay a trap
In my front lawn,
For Little Freddie
Come next dawn,
Because he poops there
Nearly every day,
That little runt
Is gonna pay.

True, he only has
A share of the blame,
Because he’s leashed
To that old dame,
The one that owns
That little crapper,
Also known as
Mrs. Flapper.

That elder wench
Has a lot of gall,
She allowed Little Freddie
To have a ball,
Pooping all over
My beautiful lawn,
Every day
During my last yawn.

Well, listen up folks
I know how to dance,
And Little Freddie
Doesn’t stand a chance,
I went to Google
And got some answers,
Consulted some demons
Via necromancers.

Thus, now
I know the way,
To get rid of this mongrel
Any old day,
Mrs. Flapper
And Little Freddie
Will be pushing up clover
On the Serengeti.


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