Neanderthal Tools

Another rainstorm on the way
Residents are prefrightened,
Warnings of possible flooding
Risk to the unenlightened,
Decimated forests lands
From our usual summer fires,
We have a perpetual disaster zone
It never retires.

Many acts of personal heroism
Will play out in the upcoming days,
Some of that will be to counteract
The kind of stupidity that humans play,
Having no sense of caution
When floodwaters rise,
Driving their automobiles into the aqueduct
Much to their surprise.

The trauma hospitals will be inundated
With wet, hypothermic fools,
Humans are no longer born
With any hereditary tools,
To guide them through disasters
Like our Neanderthal namesakes,
Where death loomed around every corner
And those were just the outtakes.



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