Don’t Sue Me, it’s Comedy

Back in the days
Where everyone told jokes,
Before politically correct
Protected some folks,
Regarding cultural, national
And gender based funnies,
Kikes, Wops and Micks
And all kinds of bunnies.

Now, the work of the comedian
Is harder than ever,
How do we laugh at ourselves
Without all of those levers,
But the Comedian’s Stage
Is a special kind of place,
Where we can talk about anything
Even face to face.

If I’m white, I’m an H
If you’re black, you’re an N,
If you’re Muslim, you’re an R
And if you’re a babe, you’re a ten,
So many different labels
That we can use for entertainment,
But in this climate of litigation
You best be ready for arraignment.

Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle
Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock,
Steve Martin, Robin Williams
And that guy named Aftershock,
Amy Schumer, Tina Fey
Whoopy Goldberg
And Lucy Arnez,
Could make fun on anyone
Including the Prez.



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