Incendiary Dreams

I dreamed about a babe
The one I hold most dear,
Please don’t tell my secret
Because that’s what I fear,
It’s a delicate situation
Mysterious and dark,
But when we are together
‘Tis like kindling and a spark.

A dangerous situation
No matter when we meet,
In the cloakroom at work
Or even on the street,
Spontaneous combustion
Eye contact and a smile,
There’s just something about this babe
Way beyond the rank and file.

Incendiary moments
Fire extinguisher fun,
As if flames attacked our clothing
At the surface of the sun,
Enticing is the experience
Sensual and delicious,
Best tasted in the smallest amount
The most decadent of dishes.

I understand why
She only comes to me at night,
In the midst of my dreams
I’m convinced that’s alright,
After all, I’m not cheating
She is gone by sunrise,
The best thing about it?
It’s just my babe in disguise.



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