Pennies on Millions

How many folks retire
With nothing in the bank,
They have only a few dollars
To put gas in the tank,
It begs the question
Do they really need a car,
Or maybe it’s time to sell
That old Les Paul guitar.

But wait, it was stolen
Back in 1967,
In Golden Gate Park
When LSD was your heaven,
And you were so young
Taking anything for free,
You thought, “Jerry’s guitar?”
Now belongs to me.

Worth millions by now
But only pennies to you,
Try to find a buyer
Your debt will come due,
Because Jerry has friends
Who will come after your neck,
Bury you six feet under
Your redwood deck.

You retired
Without a dime in the bank,
All the weed you smoked
And the booze that you drank,
Dreaming your fantasies
About a secret guitar,
While you’re left with a pooch
In a trailer and no car.



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