Cautious Revelations

This one was the hottie
Twenty-five years ago,
His infatuation
Surely did show.

Were crazy decisions
Based on that fact?
I don’t really think so
That’s not how I would act;
That she was a best friend
That’s what really mattered,
Certain aspects of his life
Were torn, busted and tattered,
Even a man who is no island
Needs shelter from the storm,
A hearty cup of soup
And a fire to keep warm.

A twenty-five year look back
Demands a new perspective,
Reviewing the crisis
Was something defective?
That was the dialogue
Inscribed on the page,
But much simpler than that
Without the drama and rage.

It was all about love
Maturity and life,
Getting married so young
With a pop-up wife,
Quite often it’s as simple
As shelter from the swarm,
An escape from childhood
And a bed that is warm.

Should one go back
And rekindle the fire?
It is ill advised
Because those embers did retire,
New fuel is needed
And a quality spark,
Perhaps it is better
Just to whisper in the dark.

What do they do for us,
Some just look back
To grumble and cuss,
Review some perceived wrong
Perpetrated on their being,
With a 25 year look-back
Revelatory and freeing.

Caution is advised
If you’re willing to do this exercise,
New observations
Unattached from the original event,
Take you spinning deeper
With a desire to repent,
And I assure you, brother
It’s not money well spent.



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