If I told you
You wouldn’t believe,
My research
Regarding relieve,
Years of study
Trials and more,
Take it from me
It has been a chore.

If I had invested
In paper products,
I might have been labelled
As one of those odd ducks,
Chasing strange notions
About investments and more,
Yes, I should have done that
“Cuz now, it’s a chore.

Like many retired
There’s a whole bunch of wishing,
Things shoulda’ done
Exploring and fishing,
But that certainly is
Water under the bridge,
Now, it’s time to do something
Colossal or a smidge.

Now, I have told you
The depths of my desire,
I said that I’d reveal it
When I finally retire,
Although I’m not there
Thus, I’m jumping the gun,
A life without surprises?
That’s a life without fun.


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