I try to be, often,
But in my line of work
I don’t talk about the coffin,
Down the hall in the closet
That is ready for you,
If I can be perfectly candid
Your time is almost due.




I’ve been there, too late,
Other students look over
As if to measure my fate,
Will Teacher respond
With rebuke, or ignore?,
I’m never quite sure
Though I’ve been there before.



I don’t try to be,
I rarely hold a conversation
They’re all louder than me,
I take time to choose words
So others fill in the gap,
Overtaking my story
I’m not a dominant chap.



Bird watchers talk
How they get such a thrill,
A rare fowl singing
Never heard before trill,
A screech or a warble
Or a far distant tweet,
When the Oxpecker bird
Has eaten a treat.


Dream Kiss 8

Dream kiss 8
We were on the porch,
Next to the sauna
You were hotter than a torch,
Scalding me, babe
With your blistering image,
I awaited your next move
Imagining a scrimmage.

It started with a spark
And soon became a flame,
I just gotta say
You’re an incendiary dame,
Scorching a path
To the center of my being,
And when your clothes burned off
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Suddenly a mist
Clouded my vision,
I sensed movement and sound
And felt a collision,
As I rolled out of bed
With awareness, and curse,
Just another hot dream
With Nancy the nurse.



The Next 6

The next six poems
That’s the gist of it,
Give me any simple topic
And I’ll write it with spit,
Slapped on my hands
Like your baseball player,
Just throw me a simple topic
And I’m the rhyme slayer.



Who can turn away from
Any sparkle or flash,
It must be in our human nature
Just like when we hear a splash,
We automatically turn
To see what was the cause,
Of that special sound or look
That gave us a pause.