via Photo Challenge: Shadow

The shadow of your beard
Is looking pretty weird,
Did you shave it with a razor
Or your Gerbil is a grazer,
Whatever friend, you ought to know
The shadow of your beard doth grow,
Into a scene of absolute mayhem
At the Goth show, you’re gonna slay’em.


via Daily Prompt: Heard

Have you heard
That the bird is the word,
A silly popular song
About Surfin’ Bird,
Done by The Trashmen
Back in sixty-four,
It was so damn funny
We rolled on the floor.



via Daily Prompt: Tremble

Tremble at the sound
Of distant thunder,
Tremble when I made
Some classic blunder,
Tremble when asking
That girl on a date,
Tremble on the stage
For being so late.

Tremble was just
An autonomic response,
Later on adapted
Into lazy nonchalance,
The kid at the party
In my own little corner,
Eating Christmas pie
Like Little Jack Horner.


via Daily Prompt: Juicy

Juicy lemons
A juicy story,
Juicy hot bodies
On the beach, oh glory,
Juicy tiny tidbits
And juicy little lies,
Hot Lucy, so juicy
Now let’s say our goodbyes.

Don’t Sue Me, it’s Comedy

Back in the days
Where everyone told jokes,
Before politically correct
Protected some folks,
Regarding cultural, national
And gender based funnies,
Kikes, Wops and Micks
And all kinds of bunnies.

Now, the work of the comedian
Is harder than ever,
How do we laugh at ourselves
Without all of those levers,
But the Comedian’s Stage
Is a special kind of place,
Where we can talk about anything
Even face to face.

If I’m white, I’m an H
If you’re black, you’re an N,
If you’re Muslim, you’re an R
And if you’re a babe, you’re a ten,
So many different labels
That we can use for entertainment,
But in this climate of litigation
You best be ready for arraignment.

Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle
Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock,
Steve Martin, Robin Williams
And that guy named Aftershock,
Amy Schumer, Tina Fey
Whoopy Goldberg
And Lucy Arnez,
Could make fun on anyone
Including the Prez.



via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

I don’t know him,
I like the name, though
Properly prim,
An upstanding fellow
In a puddle of water,
I wonder if he has
An available daughter.

Lives next door,
He hires illegals
To do every chore,
Brags to everyone
About the money he saves,
He doesn’t grasp
The thing about slaves.

Is a silly name,
Just like this poem
In this writing game.