A lot of people do that,
All the pretty feathers
You wear a special hat,
In case 40 thousand geese
Suddenly launch overhead,
We did that once in Windsor
After eating a ton of bread.

I’d rather stay home,
Sparrows and Finches
In my neighborhood, roam,
Got my binoculars
Watch them skirmish down the street,
And if I give chase
They depart, tweet tweet.



No One Reads

Finally letting words get out
No one listens, I don’t shout.
Probably no one reads
But, I don’t pout,
Nobody knows
What’s it about.


local workers

with a couple local workers,
ask for more output
suddenly, tear-jerkers,
claiming, no, I can’t do it
….not, right now,
with grumbles and passive frowns
drama class, please take a bow.

meanwhile, i’m working double-time
with client needs, greater than mine,
i’ll take a later break or lunch
i’m on a roll, and that’s just fine,
and if my charting comes later
that’s ok, it all works out,
now, if only they’ll answer the phone
before i stand up and shout.


Cosmic Puja

She does her puja
And I do mine,
It all works out pretty good
Most of the time,
We got it down
In our own cosmic way,
With mantra’s and mudra’s
For any time of day.


Poems by the Hundreds

I’ve written hundreds of poems
That no one has read,
And thousands of others
Lurk inside my head
Because I think in rhymes
Just like some of you too,
Like ribbons of colors
That are hidden from view.

Some poems I post
On that world wide wonder,
It’s so hard to tell
If that is a blunder,
Not getting any feedback, that
Some wish for and need it,
Social media sickness
But I don’t ever feed it.

I never use Facebook
Yet, I have two blogs,
I post random musings
Regarding blunders and flogs,
Which everyone knows
Are the things we all share,
If we work in some industry
That doesn’t play fair.

You might read my stuff
Perhaps I’ll read yours,
Most of mine, are just windows
And yours could be doors,
Where you stand there beckoning
And mine have a curtain,
While each one of us expresses
Some truths, that’s for certain.


A Few Blocks From Everywhere

She wants to live
A few blocks from everywhere,
Exactly what do you mean?
“Oh, you know, just down there”,
Near the arena
And all that there is,
Down near the bubbly
And all of the fizz.

She wants that new condo
A few blocks from everywhere,
But she doesn’t have the money
And says it ain’t fair,
Because all of the fun
Happens mid-city,
I just can’t afford it
Now, isn’t that a pity?

Oh, if only she could live
A few blocks from everywhere,
Well, would you be willing?
To take a double-dare,
Do something outrageous
That would test your ability,
Where you could win enough money
To live in tranquility?

Post on YouTube and Facebook
Snapchat and Twitter,
Get 10 million views
Show them, you’re not a quitter,
If that’s what it takes
To own a golden chair,
Yes, you deserve to live
A few blocks from everywhere.



It’s a parody
Of rhyme, not reason,
A conundrum in any
Time of season,
Yin and yang
And choices made,
Still, meaningless
After the spade.