Deep Think

It always happens
When consuming that drink,
I wander and ponder
What’s called a deep think,
Regarding things from before
Yes, way back when,
Before EMR charting
When we still used the pen.

Even back then
My typewriter was King,
Recording thousands of thoughts
And all that they bring,
To the table and the paper
As means of expression,
Just throw in some Port Wine
Behold, there is regression.

I suppose others have heard
About this truth serum,
Top secret clearance
Proposed, as a theorem,
To ferret the knowledge
Purportedly, as truth,
One never knows
When dealing with youth.

We tried it, it worked
More better than most,
Than the usual methods
Where Bob felt like toast,
Or something like that
Depending on your perspective,
That’s the way with good Port
Should be a National Directive.



Memory Trunk

Memory is wonderful
Most of the time,
Still, there might be bad stuff
Steeped in horrible crime.

Do you really need to keep
That creepy morbid junk?
That kind of memory is a burden
Best left in Grandpa’s trunk.


Hard To Tell

We are near in distance
Not close in communication,
Just as well, I suppose
To discourage causation,
An encouragement of forces
Undeterred by time or miles,
But don’t be much surprised
I’m not keeping up with styles.

I never was, that’s a fact
Although, denim never retires,
With a universal t-shirt
Guaranteed to bring smiles,
As the usual old guy
Dressed casual, down low,
Is he a million dollar investor;
Hard to tell, don’t you know?


Drop of a Hat

I can write on a whim
At the drop of a hat,
Better pick it up fast
To avoid a nasty spat,
‘Cuz it might not have been
The hat on my head,
Belonging to someone
Who now wants me dead.

That hat was so special
It belonged to his brother,
Handed down for generations
He got it from his mother,
And now I have dropped it
How careless was I?
That dude over there
He shows the evil eye!

At the drop of a hat
Not strongly recommended,
I had to pick it up fast
Or I would have ended.



Half of my brain
Went for the math,
Half of my brain
For inventive curiosity,
Half of my heart
For doing what is right,
And the rest of what I had
To define generosity.

That is what I gave
To those whom I confided,
I really had no plan
The universe decided.


Tax Return


What my Tax return is?
I don’t know,
I just hope
It’s a good damn show,
Where I don’t have to pay
For the trailers or feature,
Even if the movie
Is about some scary creature.

My tax accountants
I think they’re smart,
Making me look good
With a power-point chart,
Placating the government
To ignore me again,
While I shuffle the numbers
With a magic-wand pen.

Silly Idea

I get a silly idea
And then I run,
Chasing the words
To make some fun,
If no one cares
That’s alright,
I do it best
In the middle of the night.

I’ll post it later
When I find the key,
To unlock the website
For the writer, me,
Because I am obsessed
With secrets and security,
Probably my upbringing
Of Catholicism purity.