I propose to inhabit
Sayeth the rabbit,
That hole over there in the ground,
It’s my destiny to grab it
Sayeth the rabbit,
Before anyone else comes around.


Pram Scam


Make way for the pram
Yet beware…………
Is it a scam?

There a few walking around
With a fake news carriage,
These two people
Not connected by marriage,
Running the phony
Baby in the pram,
Please, just a couple dollars
That’s their scam.

Dream Kiss 6


Clandestine kisses
The imaginary variety,
Never discussed
To maintain piety,
Truthfully fiction
Occur only in dreams,
Naughty and nice
Are recurring themes.

Don’t name the players
Maintain silence,
Even silly dreams
Can foment violence,
And don’t feel guilt
For the dreamy interlude,
Just give thanks
Anything else would be rude.

Clandestine kisses
Tender and sweet,
I always awaken
With a desire to eat,
I savor the flavors
As the images fade,
Dreams of this fashion
Always earn the best grade.



A yard sale, garage sale
At H and 42,
Reminded me about a secret
Known to only me and you,
I thought of telling a story
Mysterious and secretive,
About a long time ago
Where people used to live.

But then I realized that I couldn’t
Regarding an agreement
About such and such,
After all, a secret is a secret
Off limits, do not touch.


Shopping Without My Baby

Without my baby
There is no point in shopping
I would just be a blind hare
In the field, hopelessly hopping,
Because I owe it to her
To include her in the task,
Otherwise, she might complain…
“Why didn’t you ask”,
About what she might have wanted
Had my Baby been by my side,
This is one of those things ya learn
After a lot of things tried.



If I told you
You wouldn’t believe,
My research
Regarding relieve,
Years of study
Trials and more,
Take it from me
It has been a chore.

If I had invested
In paper products,
I might have been labelled
As one of those odd ducks,
Chasing strange notions
About investments and more,
Yes, I should have done that
“Cuz now, it’s a chore.

Like many retired
There’s a whole bunch of wishing,
Things shoulda’ done
Exploring and fishing,
But that certainly is
Water under the bridge,
Now, it’s time to do something
Colossal or a smidge.

Now, I have told you
The depths of my desire,
I said that I’d reveal it
When I finally retire,
Although I’m not there
Thus, I’m jumping the gun,
A life without surprises?
That’s a life without fun.

Blissful and Sublime


Do you remember falling in love
For the very first time?
The feeling was blissful
And so sublime,
But, how long did it last?
We all have our stories,
Trials and tribulations
Blues, amidst the glories.

Considering myself
I suffered infatuation much more,
Anything beyond that
Was a horrible chore.

Indeed, I was nearly struck down
By those infatuations,
The lucky hand failed me
And numerous incantations,
I lacked basic instruction
In matters of the heart,
I didn’t know how to finish
Or even to start.

These things are not taught in school
Like basic finance and more,
We stumble into those prospects
Unaware of any door,
That might guide us
Other than some whimsical instructions,
No wonder, we’re all so screwed up
Stumbling around trying to make deductions.

Trial and error
Is not necessarily, the best way to do stuff,
In a marriage, some people bail
Because they are not tough enough,
To put up with all the drama
Psychotherapist, Marriage counselor and more,
I’m telling you brother…………..
It can be one colossal chore.

Particularly, if reconnecting
Was not covered in the original contract,
When things didn’t work out
Accusations were flying jam-packed,
Without instructions regarding how to deal
It is no wonder, husbands and wives
Fall back and begin to squeal.

Lordly, all of those blissful memories
Of love and infatuation,
Are long gone, buried and dead
Completely off the reservation,
Not even the greatest of Chiefs
Can resurrect the ghost of love,
It’s time to climb into the new boat
And launch it with a shove.