Didn’t Post

Didn’t post enough
Words were buried,
I was distracted
Ideas tarried,
Distracted on
Easy images,
Like those spontaneous
High school scrimmages.

All chaos, and confusion
Fists thrown fast,
No one seems to know
Why anger grows so fast,
When hubris and pride
Explode upon a threat,
Be careful how you solve it
You may create a lifelong debt.

I’ll post more often
Time is predicted in the forecast,
Though distractions remain the same
I will write special fast.




Rhyming Gig

Everything written
Begins with a rhyme,
I like my words
To march in time,
Whether limericks
Or moody praises,
Instant ideas
Initiate the phrases.

Take my Dental Dana
Then again, please don’t,
She can not go with you
And I’m hoping she won’t,
She belongs to me
Just like Bob Dylan said,
And that’s why Dental Dana
Resides inside my head.

Then, there is Bathroom Bear
In the shower right now,
With a line outside the door
Three little pigs and a cow,
All awaiting their turn
To perform their morning routine,
Best to leave them alone
They don’t enjoy being seen.

Has his own gig,
A little jazz club
That isn’t very big,
His compositions
Are tiny and short,
Random postings on the web
Is all I can report.

Billy Bob and Betty Sue
Are always hanging out with you,
If you’re ever in the hospital
When fate has called, or karma due,
They stand at your bedside
With cell-phone in hand,
Paying no attention to your vital signs
They don’t remember or understand,
They were trained to watch over you
But that’s a thing of the past,
Hoards of visual nonsense
Distract them too fast.

A diverse compendium
Of words in my collection,
Thousands of lines
Rhyming in one direction,
In the usual fashion
Like Ogden Nash
And Dr. Seuss,
I’m suspicious that Mother
Spiked my beverage
When I was snug in my papoose.


Guns, Stones and Sticks

It commonly happens
After police shootings,
Some protesters will apply
Advantageous lootings,
Upon local businesses
Along the public thoroughfare,
While proclaiming, how they suffer
And, “try to stop me, if you dare!”

Demanding public attention
“We are criminalized”,
Shootings without provocation
“Why y’all surprised,
When we take to the streets
And foment a riot,
Put yourselves in our shoes
No wait, don’t even try it”.

I guess we all oughta be
Fairly satisfied,
Four days of protests
And no one else has died,
But there are no instant solutions
No quick and easy fix,
Homo sapiens are warlike
With either guns, stones or sticks.


Bad Grammar

Observation cameras
What have you been doing?
Truth or dare,
The uninformed public says
I don’t do nuthin bad,
Let the camera watch me
So the criminals can be had.


Hot and Cold

100 degrees seems unbearably hot
Now that I’m older,
And I could even tolerate
80 degrees colder,
Riding my bike at 12 years old
In the snow, sleet and rain,
I have a tendency now to avoid all that
I’m becoming simple and plain.

California heat, at its core
Is hot and crispy,
No humidity out here
We’re not damp and whispy,
As such, we dry out faster
Like fruit leather in the sun,
And with my intolerance to hot and cold
I’m missing all kinds of fun.



Youngsters, of course
Are faster than me,
That’s how it is
For any old tree,
But my bark is tougher
Having weathered sun and storm,
Hang out with a tree like me
I’ll keep you safe and warm.

Well, sure that’s kinda creepy
Maybe I oughta be cut down,
Throw me in the chipper
Let me compost your town,
Spread my leaves and seeds
Maybe I’ll fertilize your garden,
And if that is too offensive
I’ll get a presidential pardon.



Downtime, after work
Drink a beer or wine,
Coming home late
I rarely dine,
Not really hungry
But a beverage doth relax,
Bubbly water or juice don’t cut it
Those are just the facts.