A Good Reader

How to make a good reader?
This is how it’s done,
Don’t scold and remind
You must make it fun,
Reading out loud
Every day for while,
With interest and passion
Like you’re reading with a smile.

Here is how I did it
With four of my own,
Out loud reading
Without a tablet or phone,
Fairy tales, adventures
Silly rhymes and scary stories,
Thousands of books
Might fill 14 lorries.

Each one of those children
College graduates now,
It started with reading
Out loud, that is how.





One kind of music
To another, might be noise,
Perhaps how it was presented
Pounding beats or with poise,
But we’re proud of our rights
To communicate freely,
You don’t like my noise
Are you serious, really?


Rather be Writing

I’d rather be writing
Amusing posts galore,
However, demand a term paper?
Now that is a chore,
In fact, I intentionally avoided
Certain paths of higher learning,
I couldn’t write a term paper
Even if my feet were burning.




The bombastic bombardier
Said, baby, you’re the bomb,
I compare every girl to my mother
‘Cuz after all, she is my mom,
With a come-on line like that
He hasn’t had success,
Bringing home the babe
They all think that he’s a mess.



Forever Friend

Like a forever home
You’re a forever friend,
Sending me cards
Until the very end,
Reminding me, that I
Am so lax with my attention,
Your thoughtful, kind ways
Deserve an honorable mention.



Deep Think

It always happens
When consuming that drink,
I wander and ponder
What’s called a deep think,
Regarding things from before
Yes, way back when,
Before EMR charting
When we still used the pen.

Even back then
My typewriter was King,
Recording thousands of thoughts
And all that they bring,
To the table and the paper
As means of expression,
Just throw in some Port Wine
Behold, there is regression.

I suppose others have heard
About this truth serum,
Top secret clearance
Proposed, as a theorem,
To ferret the knowledge
Purportedly, as truth,
One never knows
When dealing with youth.

We tried it, it worked
More better than most,
Than the usual methods
Where Bob felt like toast,
Or something like that
Depending on your perspective,
That’s the way with good Port
Should be a National Directive.



Memory Trunk

Memory is wonderful
Most of the time,
Still, there might be bad stuff
Steeped in horrible crime.

Do you really need to keep
That creepy morbid junk?
That kind of memory is a burden
Best left in Grandpa’s trunk.