I’m an oozer*
I’m not what I appear to be,
I’m an oozer
I’m bleeding out, oh, can’t you see.

I had a Heart cath
I almost died,
The doctor promised
That he’d save me,
But he lied.

I’m an oozer
My blood is dripping on the floor,
I’m an oozer
My doctor’s sneaking out the door.

If I should die
I will haunt
That S.O.B.
And I’ll make sure
He won’t forget
Poor little me.

I’m an oozer
I’m not what I appear to be,
I’m an oozer
I’m bleeding out, oh, can’t you see?

*(Sung to the Beatles song, “I’m a Loser”)



Corner the market
Corner the rat,
Corner the corner
If that’s where it’s at,
That’s how it is
And that’s how it stays,
Corner your lover
Till the end of all days.


If you synchronize
You might win the prize,
It is merely a suggestion, little bear,
Open your eyes
And silence your cries,
Your reward is just sitting over there.


I propose to inhabit
Sayeth the rabbit,
That hole over there in the ground,
It’s my destiny to grab it
Sayeth the rabbit,
Before anyone else comes around.

Pram Scam


Make way for the pram
Yet beware…………
Is it a scam?

There a few walking around
With a fake news carriage,
These two people
Not connected by marriage,
Running the phony
Baby in the pram,
Please, just a couple dollars
That’s their scam.

Dream Kiss 6


Clandestine kisses
The imaginary variety,
Never discussed
To maintain piety,
Truthfully fiction
Occur only in dreams,
Naughty and nice
Are recurring themes.

Don’t name the players
Maintain silence,
Even silly dreams
Can foment violence,
And don’t feel guilt
For the dreamy interlude,
Just give thanks
Anything else would be rude.

Clandestine kisses
Tender and sweet,
I always awaken
With a desire to eat,
I savor the flavors
As the images fade,
Dreams of this fashion
Always earn the best grade.